Single digital solution for running all your processes

Next Generation suite for asset & invest management

We gathered key processes of

Asset Management Firms, Family Offices, Financial Advisors, Banks

and everything in between.

We empower Asset & Investment Management businesses to comprehensively manage their clients' wealth.

Exciting Innovations Coming Soon!

We are working on AI and data science solutions to revolutionize asset management. Stay tuned for automated data reconciliation, advanced analytics, and more
Get ready for powerful data science capabilities that will provide predictive analytics, trend analysis, and in-depth reporting, offering unparalleled insights into your assets
Intelligent Search Engine
Search engine that understands natural language queries, allowing users to search for information using conversational language
Automated Data 
Our AI-driven tools will soon automate the data reconciliation process, reducing manual errors and ensuring data integrity across all systems
Customer Service and Chatbots
AI-driven chatbots to handle customer inquiries and provide personalized assistance 24/7

Why Re:Luna SaaS?










Satisfaction rating



Cutting Edge Order Execution

Provide traders and clients with high-speed connection to exchange


All of your data is encrypted and stored in our highly secure Amazon data servers, replicated to multiple different locations

Online Prices

Actual Position values using online market data feeds


Revolutionize your asset management offering
with the power of the digital age

Personal functions

Select the most suitable plan for your business according to your needs€

Variety of APIs and integrations

Already established integrations with 10+ banks and custodians. Can't find your feed? Contact us, we can build it for you!

Together For Customers

Re:Think Success

Asset Managers

Get all of your processes and investment data into one easily accessible platform

Family offices

Consolidate all your portfolios and bank accounts in one platform

Brokers, Banks

Split second order routing to the markets or your prime broker

Financial advisers

Get access to an array of metrics and proprietary investment management tools


Elevate Your Investment Story Today

Turn your vision into reality with investment capabilities tailored to the way you work.


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